Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hadron Collider

While this article makes me all excited about science and the future of mankind, apparently most people think this whole thing was a big waste of money and instead that money should’ve been spent on food for starving people.

The comments below the article are so utterly depressing and misguided as to make me think that the creation of a spontaneous black hole here on Earth would be a wonderful development if only to consume those ignorant, pretentious hippies with a MacBook and a Fair Trade coffee sitting around doing nothing but contributing these ridiculous opinions. If they think more money should be given to the poor, they are well within their rights to go make some money and donate it! Trading in their VW and Birkenstocks would be a good way to get some seed capital…

Comment example one: “Huge waste of time and money. The big bang has never been proven, it is a theory ONLY. How can you have nothing and then it blows up. Get a life.” – Charlie

Comment example two: “This much of money can be diverted to uplift backward African nations who are dying of hunger and famine. Moreover the scientists should have read THE HOLY BIBLE to know how excatly the creation started and what exactly the matter is.” – Prem Kanchi

Ugh! This is why I increasingly despise democracy.

Of course, on the issue of funding, to the extent that this was funded by Governments is the extent to which I don’t think it should’ve been funded. But damn is it cool!

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